Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Getting started with @Go Health is pretty simple. There are a couple of paths you can go down.  

1. If you have not yet had a free 15-minute consult, this is a required first step before we will have our first     appointment with you.  Even if you book an appointment, we will contact you to schedule the consultation.  The reason is actually for your benefit - if we feel like we are not the right fit for your condition or situation, we would MUCH rather say so up-front, and the reality is that we aren’t the right solution for all patients and all problems.

2. If you have already had your 15-minute     consultation, then it is as simple as booking an appointment.  There are two ways to do so.
    a. You can purchase a subscription which includes a fixed number of appointments,
    b. or you can purchase a standalone appointment or package of appointments.

If you have any questions about this at anypoint in the process, or if you need assistance, just drop us an email to help@atgohealth.com and we will quickly be able to get you taken care of.

Do I have to purchase a subscription to be seen by the doctors?

No, not at all.  All you need to do is to book an appointment It’s that simple.  You can book appointments to be seen by our doctor or by our wellness coach.  It’s as simple as that.

We built packages where there is some discounting available - these are generally applicable where there is a need for additional care.  Not everyone will need repeated appointments, but we wanted to help make that more affordable if you do.


Wellness Coach AppointmentS

What’s the difference between a doctor’s appointment and a wellness coach appointment?

Both our physician and our wellness coach are, in fact, both doctors.   Dr.Guillermo Ruiz handles our medical practice as our medical director.  His job at @Go Health is to meet with patients, identify issues, work with our patients on treatment plans, and advocate for your health in partnership with you.  He is the more classic sense “the doctor” atour practice.   Dr. Tiffany Turner handles our wellness coaching. Her focus for @Go Health’s patients is on helping to implement dietary or lifestyle changes, to field questions about medication changes and any impacts that they may experience, and as a wise source of counsel and advice on how to identify and work with you through difficult times, frustrations, and concerns about things related to your life, your diagnosis, or your treatment plan.

What labs are included in the subscriptions?

Vitae Subscription 
Our VitaeSubscription (whether annual or monthly) does not include labs.  There is a 20% discount on all lab servicesprovided by @Go Health as well as on any future doctor’s or wellness coachappointments you made need above those provided in your subscription.  This package is often the right package whenyour third-party insurance will cover the lab expense, and you do not mindthose results being shared with your insurer and your general practicedoctor.  

Additionally,there is a discount on supplement purchases through our dispensary of 15% fromthe standard price available elsewhere.  

Primus Subscription
Our Primus Subscription includes what we refer to as “standard” or “basic” labs.  The general idea is that for the folks who sign up for this subscription, they are likely in pretty good health already,and they need to get some lab work to confirm it or to guide us that something may not be quite right under the hood, even the paint and trim all look great!  Just as with the Vitae Subscription, there is a 20% discount on all doctors appointments and wellness coach appointments above those provided by the Primus Subscription, or additional lab services provided by @Go Health. We provide Primus patients with a 20% discount from the standard pricing on any supplements ordered through our dispensary.  
The labs included twice annually in the Primus package are:

●    CBC (incl. Differential & Platelet)
●    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
●    Fasted Insulin
●    Hemoglobin A1c (with eAG)
●    Vitamin D
●    TSH
●    Ferritin
●    C-Reactive Protein    
Optima Subscription 
With our Optima Subscription, we include a more comprehensive set of labs, which we generally refer to as our “advanced” labs package.  The reason for this is that this package is aimed mostly for people who have a clear situation going on but for which there’s not any clear direction or diagnosis yet.  We want to be more involved, digging a bit deeper, trying to identify the root cause rather than just to try things and see what happens.  Just as with the Vitae and Primus Subscriptions, there is a 20% discount on all additional doctor’s visits, wellness coach visits, and  lab services provided by @Go Health, as well as a 25% discount from the standard pricing on any supplements ordered through our dispensary.

Those labs which are included in the Optima Subscription are slightly different by biological gender: 

●    CBC (incl. Differential & Platelet)
●    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
●    Fasted Insulin
●    Hemoglobin A1c (with eAG)
●    Lipid Panel
●    Vitamin D
●    TSH, Free T4, Free T3
●    Microsomal TPO Antibody
●    Thyroglobulin Antibody
●    Testosterone, Free & Total
●    DHEA Sulfate
●    Prostate Specific Antigen (Males)
●    Progesterone (Females)
●    Estradiol
●    C-Reactive Protein
●    Iron Panel

Which subscription is right for me?

We touched on this in the section about labs, but in order to be more thorough, here is the general scenario for each case. For individuals who have a mild to moderate condition that requires ongoing treatment, but for which the treatment is generally “light touch,” we generally recommend the Vitae Subscription.  People who fall into this category would be those with dyslipidemia, fairly stable thyroid conditions, hormonal issues related to any host of causes, etc.  There is not a need for bigger blood panels,generally, and there’s not a requirement for 4 or 6 appointments with the doctor.  

For those with more complicated conditions who already have a diagnosis, the Primus Subscription is generally the way to go. We provide for more appointments with our doctor and wellness coach, andalso some basic labs that can help guide our treatment plan with you.  It goes deeper and wider than does the Vitae Subscription, but is not ideal for you if the issues you’re facing have not yet been diagnosed.   Lastly, with patients who have a list of issues that they’re facing, but for which their current doctor has not yet identified a root cause.  This is our most comprehensive(and yes, also our most expensive) package. We will be more able to partner with you in diagnosing the condition, or(if diagnosis isn’t possible) to look at how we can address the symptoms to help make your life as productive and healthful as possible.

How can I pay for an appointment or a subscription?

We are currently set up to accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPalas a “last resort” means of payment if your card were to fail and for our international clients who need it.  We are not set up to accept physical check, ACH, wire transfer, or cash at this time.  

This is the nature of a telemedicine practice - we are simply not a brick and mortar facility where you can drop off payment. We are built from the ground up to support you from wherever you are,not just where we are.

Can I use my HSA or FSA Card?

Absolutely, yes.  We are set up to accept FSA and HSA cards without issue.  It is your responsibility, however to determine if your plan permits the use of the card for our services.  Generally speaking,that answer is “yes,” but there are a few plans in a few states where this is not true.

Are payment plans available?

Our intention with the subscription services is to provide an affordable approach to ongoing healthcare.  This is our“payment plan” option, and as such we do not provide additional payment plans to patients.  If there is a specific need that you have and you’d like to better understand the costs for services,please feel free to email us at help@atgohealth.com

If I have issues with my access to the patient portal, where do I go?

If there are issues with your access to the @Go Health patient portal, all you need to do is to contact us at help@atgohealth.com

If you need to know where to go to access the portal, in the upper-right corner of our website, you’ll find a link there for both our supplement dispensary and our patient portal.  

How do I book anappointment?

Booking an appointment is as simple as can be.  If you’re a new patient to us, there are a few steps that you’ll want to follow in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly: 

Step 1:  Click here and make your purchase of the appointment.  
Step 2:  You will be emailed with an invite to create a patient account with us.  
Step 3:  Complete all the new patient paperwork.  (I know, I know...we ARE still a doctor’s office though!)
Step 4:  Click on the Appointments tab on the left-side of the menu, and then “Book Appointment in the Upper right side.
Then just select Dr. Ruiz (for a doctor’s appointment) or Dr. Turner (for a wellness coach appointment) and select a day and time that works for you!

If you’re an existing subscriber, you need only go Step 4 above.   

If you area patient (either a subscription patient or otherwise) - you can always purchase additional appointments from within the patient portal by following Step 4, and then purchasing a “Credit” for the appropriate type of appointment.  Do know that these will be single purchase options.  

Lastly and VERY importantly - if you ARE a subscription buyer, make sure to use your discount code to ensure that you get the 20% off on the appointment price!